Because new things should be fun and meaningful

yours & more by bodenschatz is starting as a new, fresh young brand, and wishes to make your home and your day a little more beautiful, practical, meaningful, luscious, and enjoyable, by providing special product solutions and ideas. Novel items that surprise, fascinate and work properly.

Unmistakable originals with added value, which immediately impress you because they actually work. Providing solutions that inspire you – and give you real benefits. Because they are authentic and honest, and this is expressed in their aesthetics and quality.

Here we consciously build on the creativity of young designers: With their openness and the way they look at things they have the potential to create new inventions, which are a source of fun today and are still meaningful tomorrow. Accompanied by a strong, experienced parent brand: Bodenschatz.

Inspiration. Made for you.


Meet the Designer

Discover more about the designer Nathalie Stämpfli, the story of how Soap Flakes originated, and the collaboration with yours & more by bodenschatz.

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Meet the Designer

Seeking new talent

yours & more by bodenschatz helps to carry good ideas of young designers and creative capacities through to success – because they are not designing products for just anybody's world, but for a better world. Product solutions meant for connoisseurs, aficionados and non-conformists.

Interested? Do you already have an idea at the back of your mind – or a question you are keen to ask? Then get to it straight away:

here you can ask us questions, get in touch with us, bubble over with ideas... Get involved!

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