Because new things should be fun and meaningful

yours & more by bodenschatz is starting as a new, fresh young brand, and wishes to make your home and your day a little more beautiful, practical, meaningful, luscious, and enjoyable, by providing special product solutions and ideas. Novel items that surprise, fascinate and work properly.

Unmistakable originals with added value, which immediately impress you because they actually work. Providing solutions that inspire you – and give you real benefits. Because they are authentic and honest, and this is expressed in their aesthetics and quality.

Here we consciously build on the creativity of young designers: With their openness and the way they look at things they have the potential to create new inventions, which are a source of fun today and are still meaningful tomorrow. Accompanied by a strong, experienced parent brand: bodenschatz.

Inspiration. Made for you.


What matches your taste

Things with a unique signature. Items with depth. Accessories that make a statement. This is what yours & more by bodenschatz is all about: items that are effective, authentic, beautiful, that match your lifestyle and give expression to it. With intelligent concepts and exciting backgrounds that are of interest to you and your friends.

Ingenious ideas like Soap Flakes show what we mean by this. It is not just about a new practical method to wash one's hands. Or a new, very sensuous experience of an everyday item like soap. What we are also aiming at is a sensible, sustainable alternative to liquid soap. …& more or: More information about this?


Noch ein Bild
Noch ein Bild

Potential cult status

There are some things that seem familiar right from the first glance, even though they have just been invented.

Things that are simply brilliant because they fit in our lives so naturally and well.

Items that are effective and fun, that work properly and inspire, and that assist us by our side and evoke an enthusiastic response. Today and also in future as well.

Things that we have set in motion with a spirit of invention, experience and the joy of discovery under the label yours & more by bodenschatz.

Inspiration. Made for you.


You & yours

We are a small team with great plans. Dedicated and courageous. Open to new ideas and grand projects that match our brand. Yours & more by bodenschatz is active where the beautiful and the useful are reduced to a common denominator, in an unconventional, independent and clever way. For this we are seeking young talents with fresh ideas, who wish to contribute and express their creativity.

Join us - get involved!


Be a part of an exciting story

yours & more by bodenschatz has just started out on the path ahead, to the future. To accessories that have inner value as well as a fashionable exterior. To design that has substance, because only then can it also write a story. A story on which you will impress your interest, because you know the value of things with a meaningful purpose.

A story which you as a young creative talent can co-author, as Soap Flakes, our first product story, demonstrates. yours & more by bodenschatz sees itself as a "small but beautiful" platform for young talents who would like to realise their ideas and develop interesting projects as part of a fair, transparent and strong partnership.


A strong foundation

yours & more by bodenschatz has the flair of a start-up while having solid ground under its feet: Bodenschatz.

The ambitious new brand and its creative access to the entire extensive expertise of the parent brand, as a part of this respected Swiss company, which has specialised in the manufacture of bathroom accessories since 1940. In a spirit of open collaboration, experienced technicians make their knowledge gained over many years available for the implementation of new projects and product ideas. A perfect combination – and a strong foundation.



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