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yours & more by bodenschatz helps to carry good ideas of young designers and creative capacities through to success – because they are not designing products for just anybody's world, but for a better world. Product solutions meant for connoisseurs, aficionados and non-conformists.

Interested? Do you already have an idea at the back of your mind – or a question you are keen to ask? Then get to it straight away:

here you can ask us questions, get in touch with us, bubble over with ideas... Get involved!

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Start-up for creative young people

yours & more by bodenschatz is itself still at the starting blocks – and for this very reason there are great opportunities for young talents to score highly with a precision landing. For good ideas we offer a platform for the development and expert support of an experienced company (Bodenschatz), and who knows, it may well become the launchpad for a designer's career.

We are interested in projects for designers involved in bathroom and living areas, and who would like an active dialogue with all those who feel inspired by our new brand project. Fair, transparent and in line with all the general provisions on copyright and confidentiality.

Open to innovations

We are just starting out, and are open to new contacts, collaborations and ideas for cooperation. In many ways – by dialogue, in tight or loose interdisciplinary teams, in the interplay of manufacturers, designers, colleges of design, brand experts, talents, users, technicians, insiders and outsiders – we want to pursue our ideal and develop new designs with special added value for the world of yours & more by bodenschatz.

Current collaborations

Nathalie Stämpfli

Nathalie Stämpfli

Designerin Soap Flakes


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