Soap Flakes – a new ritual

With every gentle push of the sliding unit, tender flakes of soap fall right into your hands from the soap dispenser, making the act of washing your hands a new kind of experience. No more slippery leftover pieces of soap. And an end to liquid soaps which have ecological disadvantages compared to bars of soap (for example by their larger packaging volume and materials, unnecessary transportation of water). Instead you find this pure new, light and easy pleasure.

Soap Flakes takes a very special block of soap, and transforms it into the finest flakes, which when rubbed in water create a novel and pleasant washing experience.

What you need for the new ritual: The Soap Flakes holder and a bar of soap, which you can also conveniently order by subscription.

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Soap Flakes

The old and familiar bar of soap has slowly been taken over by the liquid variety. But solid soap is much more concentrated, which has its ecological merits. No need for plastic bottles to contain it, no need to transport large amounts of water over enormous distances to dilute it, soap bars can easily be piled, therefore allow a greater space efficiency in a truck and solid soap will simply last longer. But it is not as convenient. A bar of soap will slip from people’s hands, become dirty and squashy by the sink, and will often accumulate large amounts of bacteria.

The soap holders "Soap Flakes" designed by Nathalie Stämpfli offer a solution: for each wash they will shave off tiny soap flakes that will feel comfortable to touch and will easily dissolve in water. The remaining bar of soap will stay dry and spread its pleasant scent.

Find out more about Nathalie Stämpfli and the story how Soap Flakes originated

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Did you know?

Soap Flakes from yours & more by bodenschatz is an effective alternative to liquid soap for a novel kind of washing experience, because it combines the advantages of using a bar of soap and liquid soap ...

Conventional method of using bars of soap:

(-) becomes more unsightly each time it is used

(-) slips out of your hand when washing

(-) melts and forms a "pool" in the dish holder

(+) fills the whole bathroom with its fragrance

(+) lasts long, is very copious, very economical

(+) concentrated cleaning power

(+) ecological, manufactured from sustainable raw materials



Conventional method of using liquid soap:

(-) requires additional substances such as preservatives and much water for its manufacture

(-) tends to make people use more than they need

(-) does not last long

(-) dries out the hands (because one takes too much of it)

(-) uneconomical

(-) burdens the wastewater

(+) very convenient dispenser, easy to use

(+) hygienic, clean: a brief pressure is all that is needed

Meet the Designer

Discover more about the designer Nathalie Stämpfli, the story of how Soap Flakes originated, and the collaboration with yours & more by bodenschatz.

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Meet the Designer

Soap Flakes – a novel and pleasant washing experience

Simply insert the soap in your Soap Flakes unit and put on the clear cover – that's it! Then enjoy the novel and pleasant washing experience. If the soap can no longer be easily pressed by hand, rotate the cover. Simply turn the soap around from time to time, because the spikes of the grater may have got stuck. Press lightly and gently down on the soap, as you move the slide back and forth. The flakes fall on one's hand and can be easily rubbed with a little water.

Instructions for use and care

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